Testimonials of Sandgroper Boards

The Sandgroper is built for speed and dexterity, the Scorpion toboggan is a fun board made specifically for kids, mums and dads.

Some of our client comments…

I bought 2 boards from Sandgroper boards 2 yrs ago and they have been fantastic. – Ian

The Sandgroper is truly one of the best boards us locals have ever ridden…

Born and bred on the coast naturally sand and sea are in the blood. I guess that is is only natural that we have a love for sand boarding. The Sand groper is the smoothest riding board I have ridden in some time. This board is definitely made for air and crazy razor backs, understandingly its light-weight highly flexible ply wood deck is surely made for all you can throw at it. My fav part of the groper without a doubt is the sick triple layer cushioning of the groper’s foot straps, these are sure to make your time on the dunes as comfortable as it should be. Not only do they perform well but the sand groper is no slouch in the looks department its high gloss finish makes for a schmik looking deck. Overall the Groper is up there with the best.. – Port Lincoln Resident

Testimonials of Sandgroper Boards purchased from Sandgroper Boards used Port Lincoln National Park & Coffin Bay National Park sand hills on Eyre Peninsula