Sandgroper Boards

Sandgroper sand boards are hand crafted in Australia using the finest of materials. No factory process can ever create the curve and flexibility that makes each board so unique.

A narrow board with straps designed for stand up sand boarding for tricks or speed, generally for adults.


Scorpion Boards

A wide board with side handles designed to sit toboggan style and sand board with fun and safety, generally for kids and families. Full details of our range>


Sandgroper boards are made with serious riders in mind. A fast, smooth ride is achieved without compromising strength, flex and a quality that even grandma would enjoy!

Sandgroper sand boards have been built for fun but were started for a reason read how it came about. – in short we could not find a long lasting quality board with speed and “attitude”.

These quality Australian products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 6 months. Not designed for jumps or beach [waters edge] use.

Sandgroper Sand Boards have designed & tested our Sandgroper Sand Boards, on the fantastic extensive sand hills of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay, National Parks on Eyre Peninsula South Australia.

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